Bassy - Love Vine
March 11, 2005
Walk free Ole George

Ah got to give it to I-van O-kneel he was the first man to come home and do ah Crazy Man walk foh charity from Fancy to Richmond, ah believe after I-van found walking in SVG so easy, he decided to Run, as in Polly-Ticks. Really it was after I-van marathon every body stop creep, got up off they butt and started to walk too. But this fellar Ole George beat them all, he never ceases to amaze me. First he walk from one end ah the island down the coast to Kingstown and then up the coast to the other end. That was not enough, he did the route back and forth ah couple times in three days. Still not enough, he went to Bo-bathe-us and walk round that island and mek it look like ah Sunday evening walk to Service. {{more}}And now finally he is Out-walking everybody including himself. As ah write this column, Ole George is somewhere up Fort Charlotte on ah six days stroll that will land him in the Guinness Book of Records. An event like this in the wider world would ah been followed every step ah de way by the big Networks like CNN and BBC. Thanks to Nice Radio foh doing the Honourable Thing by giving him ah “step by step” coverage. To be honest ah find me-self glued to the Radio following this world recording feat. And ah glad to witness ah part ah His-story, ah will be able to tell this tale to me great grand children, actually ah done have one great grand, Jodd. Jodd is ah scream, when ah tell Jodd to spell his name , he says: J-O-D-E-F-G-H-I-J right down to Zee.

Somehow Jodd reminds me of Ole George when he was ah kid. Diminutive and full ah chats. His parents lived in the house above me at first, and later they moved down to the house below me. Ole George is the spitting image of his father “Sugars” who was full ah humour too, loved to laugh ah lot, well, the amount ah gold teeth he had in his mouth, that was one way ah putting them on display. But Sugars son, Ole George was the midget in the crowd, but all the other children gravitated around the lickle man like magnet.

He was gifted with talent, as ah youth he drew Cartoons, and had his works published regularly in the Vincentian Newspaper. And then we missed Ole George, he went to Canada. Somebody reported to me he was last seen at ah Mad House in Montreal. Ah was just about to say that he was always crazy, when the chap told me that he was wuking dey as ah Psychiatrist. Ah feel convinced that some ah that Montreal Madness stuck on Ole George, man anybody who want to walk foh six days non-stop got to be Mad! But that is Ole George. Whatever he does, it must be different and beyond the ordinary, and his must be original!


So Ole George returned home ah few years ago. One afternoon he came back in the village to look foh me. He brought me ah gift he said. Nicely wrapped in banana leaf was ah Do-cou-nah that he made himself. He thought of me when he was cooking them, so he brought me one. Back home he immediately got involved in community service, using his counseling skills foh free, landed himself ah job at the Prisons and found himself under house arrest by and with a beautiful, young lady named Gwynneth. Lie-Za was saying is nothing more than Ole George see what confinement is all about at the Prisons so he exercising his Rights to Walk Free any where. But right now at this moment ah bet he is on the road feeling foh ah Guinness as he goes foh de Guinness Record. Go foh it Ole George.

Lie-Za must have the last say in my articles. She was telling me that Ole George will mek de Guinness Book ah Records but two other Vincentians done mek Guinness Book long before Ole George. De Come-Red mek it foh “Spending the longest time in Opposition before he get Prime Minister”. And Arm-In foh “Spending the Shortest time as Prime Minister”.



Ah does get ah good laugh when ah read them Holy Men playing God’s spokesmen on earth, pontificating on the Sabbath, Christmas, Lent, Good Fry-dey, Easter; and who going Hell and who will never see Heaven’s Gate. As foh me ah will follow Jesus, ah just like how He did His thing when he walked the Earth. Be clean! be pure! But be it all in the Heart. Not in the food and the clothes and which day, Sat-dey or Sun-dey! Man, Blessed is the man that praise God every day, could be in the Church or de Toilet, once yuh got Breath in yuh body, Praise God. So I am all foh Lent. It will do us all good if we could observe Lent, and when Lent finish, continue Praying and abstaining from foods, drinks and all de odder things that are harmful and displeases God. Let it all begin with Lent.

On this note ah want to congratulate the folks in the Music Ministry of the Met-dis Church Kingstown, foh their annual Lenten Program with mid-day Musical Meditations

every Wednesday. It’s been going foh eight years, and while ah don’t get to attend all the concerts, it is getting better every year. Last Wednesday was young Victor Job’s day, ah future Virtuoso who plays the Piano, Clarinet and Sax with equal proficiency. He looks like his dad but that’s all. The skills and so on, is all Mommy’s. Then we heard from the Arnos Vale Choirs. Senior Males and the Mixed Choir. To be honest this Senior Male Choir is unique. It is the oldest senior choir ah ever heard sing and that includes Errol “Sardo” Sutherland and Dick Neverson. Ah would say the average age of that choir is 70 and if yuh remove Mc Neil Morgan, the baby in the choir, then the average gone up to 80 years. But Age is annah, is age that does separate good wife oops, good wine from vinegar, and as ole people say “de older the fiddle de sweeter the tune”. Them ole bulls sang “Were Yuh There” man all joke aside, ah give them nine out ah ten! They brought down the house. The ladies joined them after, while they didn’t do too badly, there’s room foh improvement, so ah give them ah seven, and they better say thanks!

And with that, is gone ah gone again.

On Love Bassy!