Bassy - Love Vine
January 21, 2005
Ah will defend de Ah-torn-knee General

All yoh notice that ah ain’t say nothing ’bout the Ah-torn-knee General and that dirty Ole More-go-on at the funeral trip in England.

The news said that ah Vincy with ah Deplore-me-tek Passport was charged with Cook-Cane possession. Ah was waiting till the case come off to say me piece, but when people who I regard as having impeccable character are being bashed hey, dey and every way; ah does force and come early, with my comments. {{more}}

Ah remember when that same ULP was saying that Arm-In borrowed money from Nah-Know, how “White Angel” tell them so, and he must resign mainly foh Prince-apple. Ah knew the man Eustace, very close friends we have been foh years, he’s is one ah the few men in Pull-ah-tricks that ah still rank with ah impeccable slate; so ah did put me neck on the block foh him, and came out on his side ah de-fence. That was five years ago and ah was proven correct.

Lay we suppose the same Arm-In goes to Sin Kitts with ah NDP team to ah Convention, and when the group reach the Airport, police discover that ah dirty Ole More-go-on the team carried Cook-Cane in his bag. Are we to suggest that in spite ah Arm-In’s Mr Clean record, we will support ULP when the call foh his resignation from the House, from Office and whatever, because ah Prince-apple. Well if that ever happen in truth, ah promise that ah will write again and stick me neck out in Arm-In’s de-fence.

In my ole “non-cents story” way of saying things, ah know that ah should wait till Mr. More-go-on case is heard, if when it’s all over, the evidence implicates the Ah-torn-knee General in any way, form or fashion, no matter how minute, then me too will call foh she resignation. Until then ley she stop right way she day.

Lie-Za was saying that after listening to de Come-red explain the cry-tea-raw he used foh giving ah Deplore-me-tek Passport to More-go-on, she feel Keith Joseph as ah Sports Ambassador, better qualify than More-go-on, so she suggest de Come-red tek “Just Another Look” when he giving out more Deplore-me-tek Passport.


Playing field is right up my street, thanks to my mentor and hero Frankie Thomas. Way back in 1971 when they were doing the Arnos Vale field, he got me assigned to supervise the grading of the outfield. From day number one ah became excited about the project as we were preparing the first ever Turf Wicket in SVG. Ah Beer-John fellar name Brooks came up from Grenada to prepare this wicket; and my stint, that could have ended after three weeks lasted for about five years. Ah literally tagged on to Brooks seekiong knowledge, added to that, Frankie Thomas gave me ah booklet on “How to prepare Turf Wickets” that he got from Joe Solomon out of Guyana. We had problems for ah number of years before we could ah find the right soil foh this Turf Wicket. We just couldn’t find ah soil with equal proportions of clay and sand, that’s until we found ah soil map of SVG, interestingly there is lots ah that soil all over.

From that experience ah learned ah lot and ah know ah thing ah two bout Wickets. Ah know enough to say that, if the local Football Association was supposed to host ah return match with T’n’T, a match that we needed to win, incidentally we did win; that even though we have ah cricket match coming up two weeks after the football game, that there is absolutely no reason why the Foot-ballers got to be treated like nobody and forced to play in such cramped space.

All that was necessary was to discontinue saturating the wicket, cover it when it rained, and that area would ah been firm enough to allow foh ninety minutes running up and down. And most importantly, the actual grass growth would not ah been affected.

Please don’t mek any excuse and say Tall Boy won’t ah have enough time to prepare ah strip for the Four Day Game next week. Brooks taught us all how to prepare ah wicket in two days. With regards to damaging the field, non-cents, right now the grass on the out field is in ah most healthy state to tek ah ninety minute run also.

But my girl Lie-Za always say that one ah the things that retarding progress in this lickle two by four country, is the attitude ah some people when they get authority, they convert it to Power, and Power foh them means flexing muscles, depending on who yuh are or which Party yuh belong to. Real non-cents!

Ah don’t “K” whether is Major Lay-cock or Minor Lay-hen who in charge ah the Football, once s/he doing ah good job to put my country out front in the Football Arena, s/he got my support. And that is why ah blue vex and embarrassed that our National Football team that has been putting this country’s name all on ESPN Sports news, and the nation as ah whole was subjected to such humiliation, just to get permission from de Board, to use the National Facility at Arnos Vale Playing field. Ah just want de Come-Red to remember, that is Pull-it-tek-all non-cents like this NDP lackeys uses to do, why people got fed up and boot them out.

Come-red, yoh of all people know that “what goes around”, does go and go and go, and when yuh think it gone foh good, one day it just show up, and “comes around”!

And with all ah dat, is gone ah gone around, to come around!

One Love Bassy.