Bassy - Love Vine
January 14, 2005


Every time ah watch CNN and the coverage of the ravaged towns and villages in Asia ah ask me-self “what one earth those people been doing or not doing foh the Lord to allow such havoc and devastation to consume them?”

But better understanding of the Bible tells me that the Lord visits the just as well as the unjust, and that we on this end ah the globe who all time boasting ’bout we bless, ain’t exempt from His wrath! {{more}}

While the learned Scientists assure us that we, with earth quakes every night and Volcanoes all round us, need not panic, we not likely to be hit by ah Soon-ah-me, we can console we-self and say Soon-nah-me!

Be that as it may, ah feel obligated to tell yoh all that there is need foh ah bigger preparation than the physical protections like fortifying homes from Storm, Hurricane and now Soon-ah-me. Look how in the twinkling of an eye, the life of over one hundred and fifty thousand people have been terminated instantly; the first thought that comes to mind is: “what if there is life after death, and what if there is ah Heaven and Hell”? Those of us who believe that there is Heaven and Hell, know that after Death our Passport will be stamped to enter one of these two Ports. And that the final Port of destination is determined by what Preparations we would have made while we were yet alive and given an opportunity to so do. Ah would not like to boast, but ah know where all yoh could find the shortest route to get yoh Passport stamped. Check you Bible and read John chapter 3 verse 16 and follow the instructions. After that yuh will not be intimidated by no “Soon-Ah-Me!

Yuh done know yuh could count on Lie-Za to put ah twist on anything, could be steel or iron foh that matter. She ask me what is all this talk going round the place with “Soon-Ah-Me”, how she ask de Come-red when foh the next election and who winning, de Come-red tell she “Soon-Ah-Me! She meet Arm-in and ash him the same question: “when foh elections and who winning? He tell she “Soon-Ah-Me”!


When doc Fraser write His-story book of SVG, the name I-van O’Neal will head the list ah dedicated Activists. From the day Ivan O’Neal put foot back on his homeland, he showed that if is one thing he learn in England, is how to Demon-straight and protest. He will be remembered as the first man to walk foh charity from Fancy to Richmond and back non-stop!

Remember when Sir James said he moving the Eye-on-man to mek room foh the Vegetable Market, the ole military Demon in I-Van raised up and he chained himself to the Eye-on-man in protest. Any Act that had the slightest smell ah injustice, look out foh I-van either by Court House or in front Kay-Blue Why-Less; yoh can’t miss his size XXXL protest signs. Ah think he blew it all when he went into party pull-ah-tricks and ran with the Ken Boy-yeh Blue Party. He got ah good lick-in and one would ah feel that was enough blows to mek him stick to Active-is-him. Never! Now he bringing ah New Pull-it-tek-all Party.

But I-van is ah practical man, is no accident that he calling the Party, The Green Party. Ah name like that alone will tell yuh that he ain’t quite ready, because in these busy times, the only thing people buying Green is Sweet Pepper, Lettuce and Cucumber, but ah know I-van, he got patience and he got Green fingers.

Ah don’t like how the Supervisor of Elections kicks-in off on I-van though. He gave him the Telephone as the party’s Symbol. That same Telephone was given to de Come-red’s MNU Party, no matter how de Come-red dialed that Telephone, nobody answered to his call, he couldn’t get his message across, he had to study Astronomy on de Beach before he finally get caught up with the Star. Lie-Za kind ah surprise that after I-van had so much ah War with Kay-Blue Why-Less protesting dey high Telephone rates, handed in they Telephone, got his foot run over by ah telephone truck, won them in Courts foh that; yuh know I-van accepted the Telephone as his Symbol. Now when he go to Calm Pain, imagine I-Van telling voters their brightest future lies in ah Telephone; how dah go look? Even the manager ah Kay-Blue Why-Less ah laugh! But the biggest laugh is that when the Party launched , all ah I-Van Candidates Boy-cut. Lie-Za met one ah the fellars and ask him way they Boy-cut, he tell she they have time, the Party still Green, he waiting till it Ripe!


My condolence goes out to my buddy Coso and family. Coso’s wife Ceila and I went to Richmond Hill School way back in 1951. Ah nice crop ah students back then, the girls in particular, they were the prettiest: Ceilia, Melanie John very chatty, Salene Williams, Kay Alves miss diction, Madge Pollard quiet, Janice Anderson, Yvonne King brilliant, Marjorie Sutherland, Shirley “Santance” Alexander, Syble Lotmore, Shirley Wilson, Wonita Edwards strong and athletic and lots more. We should all remember Celia, she was very quiet and private, very athletic and one ah the brighter girls in the class. What ah remember was that her parents had ah shop and occasionally she uses to bring sweets foh us, foh that every body was extra nice to Celia or no sweety foh yuh.

The last time Paddy Corea was here, we went to look foh Victor Hadley our classmate who reminded us that at our age, our names are high on the list, our Passport just waiting to be stamped. Celia was one of our peers and from all reports, ah feel quite sure that her Passport was stamped foh Heaven.

May she rest peacefully with her Saviour.

And with that, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.