Bassy - Love Vine
November 19, 2004
Ah new thing fuh nine morning

Ah wish ah was one ah them people who uses to go sleep and get Visions. Or maybe ah should do like some ah them who, when they eat ah whole set ah heavy food late in the night, they drop sleep sometimes without even saying they prayers. Next thing the food start ah ride them like donkey. Nightmare, indigestion and bad dreams tek over, hot and sweaty next morning, they jump up and say they had Visions. {{more}}

In my own case, ah don’t need to get ah Vision to give out ah Message this Christmas. The crime and violence getting to me, and while I appreciate de Come-red’s suggested approach to tighten up and clamp down on the criminals, ah want to suggest we go back to the Ole Way.

In the Ole Days, when men disobeyed God, continuously defying his laws and Commands, He uses to let his wrath fall on them in all forms and fashion. The solution then was that men had to go down on they knees, seek God’s attention, seek His forgiveness and turn from they wicked ways.

I have no illusions that what’s happening to us now is as ah result of our wrong doings now and in the recent past. The Wrong way is preferred to the Right way; people have lost respect foh Life and are selecting the most gruesome methods to destroy their fellowmen. What’s disgusting is that the Bad elements of society are ranked and dignified, while all the little Good deeds go unrecognized. And so, we have literally forced the Wrath of God upon our country. An evil force is stalking the land, one week it’s murder in the north, next day in the south, then the centre and so it goes, the unwanted Agent is roaming all over.

So my request foh Christmas is foh all Church Leaders, Pastors, Priests, Bishops, from Catholic to Spiritual Baptist, Pentecostal or whatever denomination, to join in celebration of the Nine Mornings or Nine Evenings, the Novina with Praise and Worship Services in their respective Churches. Let us all unite in Prayer all over the country, presenting to God the dreadful state of affairs that is currently plague-in our land. Ask Him to free us of the Drugs, the Crime, the Corruption and all other sinful acts. Shower Praises on Him on this His Birthday; Worship Him and seek mercy and protection. He promise that He will listen.


Ah Candle Light March and ah hostile Pick-hit Par-liar-mint and is like we right back to the year 2000 with them Pick-it and Road Block. Ah was around in 2000 when ULP hooked on to ah group ah Cons-on Citizens that called itself the ODD, who put de ODDS in ULP’s fare-for and within ah couple ah weeks, Mitchell’s NDP Administration was humbled to its knees.

By the way, what ever became of that ODD bunch? ODD-Lee enough, every one ah those in-greedy-ants that formed ODD still dey bout, mopping up all the ODDS and ENDS. With all them de-baits that been taking place and nothing from ODD, Lie-Za is convinced that one ah them two D’s in ODD now stands foh Darm-unsee. Nothing on Two-Bigger-Keys, nothing foh Cross Country Road; we could overs the Privatization of the Hospital, that was high-jacked by the ODDS-ON fare-foh-it foh the top job! Let me stop being an ODD-BALL and get back to the subject.

Yes, ah pass thru the NDP Pick-hit on Tuesday and unlike other times ah decided not to read the placards, but rather read the expressions on the faces ah the Pick-hitters. Believe me, ah saw ah lot ah angry and hostile looking faces. The aggression and unfriendliness, familiar signs, very much like what ah saw when ODD and the ULP were like the ODD-Ones-Out on the streets four years ago. In 2000 it was my classmate John Horne who got the wrath ah the heckling from the crowd; now barely three years after was Julian on the receiving end. My greatest fear is that this Pick-hitting and protesting will follow ah pattern that we all saw four years ago. This is all about Power, one side saying the other must step down, and the other side saying nothing will stop them from ruling. Maybe when we go into our Nine Days of Prayer this Christmas, we need to put up the names of our Pull-it-tek-all leaders and followers to the Lord foh healing too!


Vincy Heat didn’t mek it thru to the next round but, as ah small Nation, we can all be proud of the performance of Team SVG. I am still trying to find out if Trinidad ‘n’ Tobago and Team SVG played at the same venue and under the same conditions (high altitude) in Mexico. I am hearing that we got ah bad deal on that one. But once again we have shown that as ah people, if given ah chance, with good treatment, less frustration and less pull-it-tek-all side shows, we can rise to any occasion. And the football executive headed by Seeing Clear Lay-cock must be given full marks foh teking over the reigns and in ah short time, doing ah wonderful job with the team and also getting the books out ah “de Red” and into the Black again. Well done fellars!


Foh once ah find me-self short ah words to describe Sir Henry the Knight that never was, H.H, the Governor General that never was. Henry Williams was Mr. Humility! He held all kind ah titles and positions but remained ah Humble ordinary human being thru-out. He loved this SVG too bad and, on numerous occasions sacrificed position and high office and stood firm, never compromising on matters of State, Justice, Fair Play, Honesty and Integrity. He acted as Governor General but was never appointed, we all know that his Principled stand caused his removal from Government House. It was no accident that his initials were HH, for in deeds he was an HH to all Vincentian. There is no doubt as to where his Soul is, St Peter will not even bother to ask him foh his Passport. Rest in Peace Sir Henry.

And ah Gone again.

One Love Bassy!