Bassy - Love Vine
November 12, 2004
Caught between ah lie-on an ah tie-gah

Not too long ago ah heard there was to be ah Cabinet re-shuffle and, Senator Francis was suppose to be one ah the Ministers to be removed from Works and Houses so that he could find time to start ah early Calm-Pain ‘gainst Arm-in. Now the latest call from the NDP is foh Julian’s resignation. On the surface that to me is no big victory because he was going anyway. But according to Jomo Thomas’s piece last week, is more in the mortar than de pestle. {{more}}Now Jomo’s pen-is no ordinary ball-point dry writer, Jomo’s pen-is operates like ah prick on de Come-red’s brain. Yuh only got to go back to most ah his pieces and yuh will see that Jomo is in sink, like he does pre-dick spot on way de Come-red coming from. And Jomo is saying that, if Julian decides not to go now, on the grounds that he will be bowing to Arm-In and falling foh his Bluff, then he will in fact be falling foh de real Bluff. In other words there is ah monster to be laid to RIP, and de sooner the better. On the other hand, if Julian stays on, literally keeping de Monster alive, it can only get worse oops, cannot get better! But who feels it knows it, Julian is ah ole Fox, he got pull-it-tek-all cents. He knows that with that same Jomo back and already climbing, he not ruling out ah challenge from Jomo foh the East Kinstown candidacy. And don’t under-rate Jomo, he’s young, bright and intelligent, an East Kingstonian who born and bred on Vincy Pull-ah-tricks and who has not lost his pull-it-tek-all ambition.

If Julian goes now that will be Road March foh Lynch and Frank Da Silva till Elections. And if he hangs on in defiance ah Arm-in, that too will be the No1 Rag-ah-soak-ah till Election. That is like the Nancy Story where Brer Mon-Key uses to steal ah lot ah stuff from Brer Lie-on, and every time Brer Lie-on run after him he would slip up into ah coconut tree. Poor Lie-on can’t climb he could never catch him. So Brer Lie-on had ah chat with Brer Tie-gar and, they decided that the next time Brer Mon-Key comes down from his tree to go do his mischief, Brer Tie-gar will go up in the tree and wait foh him when Brer Lie-on start ah chase him. So said so done, Brer Mon-Key stole ah leg ah lamb from Brer Lie-on, same time Brer Lie-on tek off behind him. Brer Mon-Key fly up the tree, when he was half way up, Brer Lie-on shouted out: He’s all yours Brer Tie-gar”! If Brer Mon-Key go up he dead, he come back down, he dead! It seems like Senator Francis is caught between ah Lie-on and ah Tie-gar!


Harvest Concerts never cease to grab me, especially Country Harvest. Ah remember when Catholic Harvest at Mespo was ah big, ah Fair and all roads led to Mespo. They uses to raffle ah cow and calf, Bar and Bar-B-Q chicken and pork, Souse, in them days Velma Browne made the best souse in the island. The folks in the rural areas still men-tain the tradition by preparing ah lot ah home made products: Ginger Beer and cakes of all description, ground-not, coconut cake, fudge, plus lots ah banana, cane, coconuts and oranges. And then the atmosphere is spruced-up with the lickle ones them showing off they talent pon stage especially when they see strange faces.

Well last Sunday was Harvest foh the Calder branch in the Church and ah mek the trip. The Hall was nicely decorated with flowers courtesy Ronetta Nicholls and Calvin her gardener who wets her flowers. The tables could ah been more bounty-full, not as much items like previous years. But the mistake they organizers made was to put me to sit next to ah window between two tables, on me left was ah table with the larger cakes and on me right another table with several small items, sweets, ginger sticks, cakes in plastic bags with four to six small cakes in ah parcel. Meantime ah watching the concert, ah size-in up which ah the cakes ah wanted, every time ah look to the left me gum itch, look to the right and me mouth run water, at one time ah say to me-self, this situation call foh Andrew Cummings and Monty Eustace, yoh couldn’t keep them youngsters from Met-dis Harvest, one time Monty stuffed ah ten inch cake in his pocket during ah Harvest Cantata.

Well after sitting there foh the first hour of concert, and having repeated the lines “yield not to temptation” ah hundred times, my resistance tank ran dry, ah decided to “do ah Monty” ah slipped ah bag ah coconut cookies in me pocket. But lickle two year ole Mark saw what ah did, is like he was eye-in the cake them too, he immediately slid out his granny’s lap came over and sat next to me and said: “piece cake Pease”? That gave me an excuse to open the first bag and munch along with Mark, chewing like when yuh chewing gum. Is like the lady in charge ah the cakes couldn’t wait foh the Concert to finish, from the time the Major said “ don’t leave yet, we have ah lot of goodies on sale”, Sister Woodley the lady in charge like she was taking in my side-show off stage, she came right over to me and said: “ Yes Brother Bas, ah was watching yuh all thru the service, yuh have ten dollars foh me, five dollars foh the ginger beer yuh drinking and five dollars foh the bag ah cakes yuh eat during the service.” And that is life all thru, whenevr we do we mischief small or great, there is always someone watching! Eh hey, and with that, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!