Bassy - Love Vine
August 27, 2004
Utter-some will get dey too

Utter-some said it all “me and he is friend!” And my friend and them never wrong, so ah wont even touch Utter-Some! He reminds me ah one ah them young Gun-slingers in them ole time Western Movie who just hit town and get his first pair ah six-shooters.
He trigger happy, he eager to get into fights to pull the trigger. {{more}}The truth is Otto, yoh late foh the bus! Long before yuh dream to come town, we had some real Gun-slingers that done pass thru; and they done clean up the town and get rid ah all the bad John, the Class Monsters and them yoh talking bout. Yuh never hear bout the Black Power days and the Forum Boys? Otto Boy, way yoh been? Yuh ever hear bout Tear Gas weak, couldn’t stop Mike Browne and Yvonne Francis.
Thirty years ago everybody ball-out foh: ” Murder! Advantage! All yoh don’t rob the Lickle Black Girl, give she the Headmistress post at High School, Mighty Sheller sang bout that. That Lickle Black Girl was Norma Keizer, ah role model today, the same Editor yoh trying to discredit with “Class” because she daughter follow her footsteps as Headmistress ah the same High School. Yoh ever hear bout Waldron Ryan another Lickle Black Boy from up Colonarie, from the ground he mek it big to the top and acted Chief Education Officer, the same Suzan Dougan yoh tearing down in yoh Class war because she get CEO too, is his daughter. Utter-Some, these are the success stories we should be using to instill pride in our youths, way wrong with yuh? The struggle is bout ensuring Fair-Play and fighting Pull-it-tek-all patronage, not Class!
Twelve years ago ah was coming from Bequia, and ah young male teacher had over 60 lickle children with him from Troumaca; they vomit from shore to shore, but that teacher was there wuking like ah Red Cross with his bucket cleaning-up vomit. When ah ask who he is, they tell me he name Hugh Wyllie.
Ah felt then, that one day he go mek it. So when Hugh got his Degree and was promoted from Grade 7 to Grade 11 and moved into administration, and every body tell me to write bout it and say it pull-it-tek-all, he over-step ah set ah people, ah couldn’t! Now Hugh got to give way to Suzan, ah Grade 11 foh years, and ah congratulate she, yoh say ah frenning-up with the Class!
Utter-Some, let me give yuh ah lecture on Class and Bush-War (bourgeois). If going to school, learning yoh lesson, study and get ah profession, wuking hard and honest, lick nobody boots, build ah family, own ah fancy Car and big home, is what it tek to mek yoh ah Bush-War or put yuh in Class, ah would lift both hands up to the Heavens and say: “Jesus, let me be ah Bush-War and put me in Class 365 days ah year and 366 every leap year!”
And hear this one, ah know it won’t be long before yuh will be in de “Class” too, just now yuh getting yoh bowl ah the gravy, dey will sow-up yoh mouth and tek way yoh pen like Fitz Jones; then every body will be on yoh back, but ah promise yuh that ah will be yoh friend. Ah will remind all that up until yuh became President, yoh uses to help ah lot ah lickle children in yuh Village to pass Common Entrance. One Love Utter-Some, don’t stop give then hell, but mek sure yoh tek the fight way the fight is needed, and give yoh members representation foh they Union Dues.
Ah done say ah following the US Presidential Elections. This week-end is the time foh the Republicans, Frank Da Silva is sure to be there.
They anticipating ah lot ah groups will be demon-stray-ting, things like the Iraq war, Gay Rights, Bush is Happy but not as Gay as vice-president Cheer-knee daughter. Ah notice my boy Obama is being challenged by another Black candidate Allan Keyes, ah brilliant guy too, ah hope he gets to address the convention. Ah remembered him not doing well in the race as ah presidential candidate last time around. But Obama is my horse foh Ill-annoy. Ah hope ah got it right this time, only ah fool does mek the same mistake twice, and me friend Ragga will not hesitate to pull me to board. Thanks Rags.
Ah listen to de Come-Red in his ah-dress preparing the nation foh increase in fuel prices, 75 cents on ah gallon ah gas, roughly ah 11 percent. From the time Bush invaded Iraq every body knew Peter will pay foh Paul and we will pay foh all! As ah result ah this increase every item will increase, whether transport, food, clothes or shelter, expect an increase, and in some cases big increase too.
But de Come-Red will have to come again, because he knows our business people, yoh can’t beat us on calculating profit, no E-con-ah-mess to beat we. Just because 75 cents gone on pon ah gallon ah fuel, fishermen will put on 75 cents on ah pound ah fish, as though it teks ah gallon ah gas to catch ah pound ah fish. And Van drivers putting on ah dollar pon ah trip because each person on ah trip causes the van to use ah gallon ah gas.
Is five bread foh ah dollar now, watch the new price $1.25 foh five bread. With the new price, to every dollar increase ah manufacturer got to spend on energy, s/he looking foh ten dollars return. It cannot be allowed to happen as simply as that or it will be K-us. The Consumers Association will now have to approach the Price Control Unit and have this matter thoroughly worked out. What is the present energy cost to produce whatever commodity, and determine how much it will be, using the new fuel prices, and then determine whatever increases consumers will be expected to pay. Get yoh stats unit on the Bawl Come-Red.
Lie-Za is quite optimistic, she say she not complaining, that as bad as the fuel increase might sound, there is good at the back of it all. She say she done warn her boy-friend Lie-Owe that he got to be home by 6:00 o-clock every night, because she plan to lock her door, turn off the TV and all lights in the house by eight. Her reason is not what ah thinking, she not bothered bout the Economics, she turning off she lights foh Romantic reasons! All yoh think she easy nah?
And with that, ah gone again.