Bassy - Love Vine
August 20, 2004

Earl behave like ah gentleman

Every year ah does mek it me business to check out the names ah them storms and match them with personalities and then figure out which ones ah got to look out fah and which ones ah could relax with.
One ah me grandsons name Alex and yoh don’t want ah more peaceful kid, so when ah hear Storm number one was Alex ah say they could name all the storms Alex. Ah wouldn’t name me enemy Charlie, Charlie had to be ah bad Storm, every Charlie that ah know is troublesome. {{more}}There was ah Charlie Harold in my “Class of 55” and he did steal out all the chemicals from the Lab and mek ah bomb and bring it school. Earl as we all know is “ah British Nobleman of high ranks” and he lived up to his name; thank God foh people with the name Earl as in Earl Kirby.
The list shows that Francis is next, if they thinking of Francis as in Julian then watch out, but with ah Francis of Assissi we could sleep tight. Ah don’t want to be presumptuous but looking at the list, there is Ivan ah hope they meant I-van as in Ras I-van Peace and Love Breddah! Why do they have to name ah Storm Karl, every Vincy should fraid Karl after all them Legal Fees he got out ah the last Guv-ah-mint. And there is Lisa as in Lie-Za, with ah name like Lie-Za expect turbulence and Lie! Ah would expect Matthew to behave as ah good Disciple.
Is no wonder my Utter-Some kicking up ah Storm foh the Teachers Union these days, there is the name Otto on the list; we will see if and when Storm Otto comes what it has to Utter. Nicole is low down the list, let’s hope the season is over before then, but if that one comes, expect to be blown as far as the UK to the Privy Council. And if the Season persists there will be Richard and here is where they Joke-In!
On ah serious note, we were spared again from the ravages of another Storm Earl; let’s praise and thank the good God foh His mercies. Ah must big up the Radio Stations and How-he Prints the cheerman foh the Emergency Unit foh ah one-day-ful job, well done! Information kept coming and that’s an improvement. Let us hope that all the Storms behave like Earl, ah true Gentleman.


We got ah bad habit when someone dead we does mek them ah Saint. But with the passing ah Victor Cuffy, poor people could say they lose ah good man, ah Giant to dey cause! As ah Lawyer Victor gave up on making money years ago, there was need foh someone to tek up the mantle and lead the struggle and see poor people get Justice, Basic Human Rights and Victor took up the challenge. Don’t ask if he didn’t get living hell foh it, every time he came out in defense and won ah case, purely on ah matter ah Justice , intelligent people uses to say how Victor over-doing it now.
From my experiences working foh him in my capacity as Surveyor, it appeared that Victor’s Private Practice gave way to Human Rights cases. And ah lot ah people with matters that should ah bin handled by ah regular Lawyer, went to Victor in the name ah Human Rights. And every time Victor gave me ah job, he would tell me :” this is not ah rich person but s/he is willing to pay yoh something.”
He is one ah them Lawyers who couldn’t be rich, sorry he is one ah the few Lawyers who was Rich in Spirit! Yuh know there is ah passage in the Bible Matthew 25 from vs 35 called the Last Judgement. Jesus in one ah His Parables behoves us to do what lickle we can foh the poor. On Judgement day in order to enter Heaven Gates, He will ask us to list all what we did foh the poor when we had an opportunity in life. Victor will go pass in flying colours.

Team SVG had its chances to score and did not, and so we lost the match ‘gainst T’n’T.
We played good foh about three quarter ah the game and with twenty minutes to go, our game went hay-wire. The defense on both sides played outstanding, emergency keeper Fitz Bramble played well and shut-up all ah we who questioned his recall. Ah feel that Team SVG didn’t quite jell, fitness also looks suspect, we got to wuk on that, the men looked burnt in the end, and really T’n’T didn’t play any big set ah football, ah believe they played the “away game” safe, avoid losing at all cost. So Team SVG got to give them the real heat down in Trinidad on the return game. The crowd lacked spirit, we didn’t give our lads that kind ah vocal energy that we hear the Nicaraguans generated when they played there.
De Come-red was there all dressed in Yellow like his friend Lay-cock, SVG wore Yellow and T’n’T Red. Man de Come-Red never looked more comfortable in NDP colours, except he kept tugging at the hem of his T-Shirt, the usual difficulty trying to get it over the belly. Lie-Za say she was in the players pavilion with the VIP’s and she sware de Come-Red like he got carried away with his ULP Red, every time T’n’T heading foh the goal, he kept shouting: “Go Come-red! Go Come-Red Go”! All yoh leave de Come-Red, SVG lose the match but he win. Look how he tek that football and run Lay-Cock all round the goal area and then with two minutes before match time to blow off, he score.
And as we prepare foh the next football match, is gone ah gone again.