Bassy - Love Vine
July 23, 2004
De smell dey right dey

Ah listened to de Come-Red on Tuesday as he presented his side on the Foot-bawl.
Ah three Point address. Point number one was money the Foot-bawl Ah-so-she-hear-shun requesting from Guv-ah-mint, why he not budging till he get ah break-down on how and way the money going. {{more}}
Point number two he calling fuh ah Foot-Bawl advisory committee actually providing ah short list ah officials to serve. And Point number three, he was not playing Pull-ah-tricks on the matter.
Ley we start from Point number one. De Come-Red is perfectly in order to request or demand detailed explanation from any individual, group or organization that asking fuh Guv-ah-mint Funs. Ah beg to differ from those who chose to Hem and Ha over that.
Accountability or lack thereof is why we have to spend so much money on ah Ottley Hall Enquiry. And when Arm-In and Lay-Cock get in is ah next Enquire-we!
So if ah was on the Foot-Bawl Ah-so-she-hear-shun, my break-down of all items would ah been pon de Come-Red desk the next day. Ah won’t ah lef out ah single item, from passage, to hotel, to every grain ah sugar each Foot-Bawler put in his tea, down to the paper he use in the WC. With Computer-I-say-shun that could be done in half ah day! After that ah would ah wait fuh de Come-Red come again! My problem is this New Rule of proper accounting and providing details before hand must apply to Mother Goose as well as Father Gander. Lie-Za who is ah Carnival Freak, say she know every mask-ah-raid-her and that the New Rule fuh de Come-Red does tek vacation every year and play Mas; he nah wuk when Carnival time.
Ah hope that Point number two is only ah suggestion fuh now, and not ah condition fuh granting Funs. Never-the-less ah good I-dare on de surface. Remember FIFA is the World Admin Body fuh Foot-Bawl with Rules and Regulations as rigid as de Come-Red’s New Rule. Our SVG Association had to do ah lot ah house cleaning before we got admitted to that Body.
Ah FIFA Executive is autonomous, its selection is well structured, every active footballer in the country forms part ah that selection process; very much like ah Guv-ah-mint. So that when all ah this is said and done, there is only room lef fuh harm-an-I-say-shun between the Executive and Guv-ah-mint. Right now, the onus rests heavily on both the President and the Prime Minister to sit down and wuk To-get-her Now in the interest ah Foot-Bawl.
And Point number Three. Well isn’t it interesting that both the President who’s ah Senator and the Prime Minister have publicly distanced themselves of having ah Pull-it-tek-all Agenda fuh Foot-Bawl. Ah will tek ah bet that come next elections, the NDP Calm-Pain will not forget to remind voters that Lay-Cock took SVG thru Round Two of World Cup qualifiers. And the ULP Man-who-fete-so will give minute details of every penny Guv-ah-mint provided foh Team SVG to tek part in Round Two.
Yuh can’t beat ah Vin-see when it come to Smell-as, if s/he tell yoh “ah smell ah nice stew chicken” if s/he say to yoh: “boy yoh smell how that roast salt-fish smell nice?” and yuh didn’t smell that, yuh sign-us bad. Lie-Za lives in Dr Thomas’s Ear, Knows and Throat Office, she got Smell-hers that could detail every seasoning yuh got in the pot. Is she who did first to tell me getting ah ‘poultry scent’ from the kitchen; how did she did see ah Rooster (ah Cock that does Lay, ah Lay-Cock), in Master Pee-Cock yard eating away his corn. Master Pee -Cock is proud of his worthy tail or is it wordy-tale. If they don’t mek peace one ah them will get eaten fuh Pull-it-tek-all Soccer sorry, Pull-it-tek-all Supper.
My cousin Earl and his wife Bev were back from Canada fuh vacation. They brought me ah clipping from the Toronto Star captioned “Heaven on Earth” that listed the seven of the World’s most spectacular island paradise. No 7 was Nantucket in Massachusetts, No 6 Eilean Shona in Scotland; No 5 Mykonos in Greece; No 4 Capri in Italy; No 3 Tahiti in French Polynesia; No 2 Seychelles. Hear this before ah give yuh Number One. In my cousin’s near-bar-hood, he is the lickle insignificant guy from the Caribbean, but was one ah the near-bars Jeff, who saw the ratings and came across to find out from my cousin how far is SVG from his island. Jeff nearly collapsed when Earl told him: “How far? man that’s my Home!”
Yes man we might give one another Hell over Foot-Bawl but we are Numero Uno, ah Heaven on Earth!
And with that ah gone again.
One Love Bassy!