Bassy - Love Vine
July 16, 2004
In another country

Ah sometimes wonder how come In Another Country the people in charge know just what is ah priority, what is not, what could wait. And is not that they brighter than we, not at all; the answer is so simple, we are yet to know how and when to separate Party Politics from the real issues that affect the Country. {{more}}
Tek the Football fuh example. In Another Country, with the way yuh see Team SVG done move up to the next round in the World Cup Soccer 2006, we who is No142 in FIFA world ratings is in the same group with Mexico No 10 in the world and also with T’n’T no 2 in the Caribbean. Man they would ah been beating victory drums with T-shirts, Souvenirs, TV and Radio slogans and the full wuks.
Yuh see, In Another Country Football Fans would ah never allow Pet-tea Pul-ah-tricks to deny the youths of ah chance to get life benefiting exposure. This country and Vincy Football need ah Show-case and not ah Show-down that is brewing between de Come-Red and Leacock. We are so small that is only on big occasion like these that we would be seen out there as a force to re-con with in the World of Soccer.
Lotto could hem and haw to find money to give Football Federation, but out ah the blue they could find 350 thousand dollars to build the pond at Mt Pleasant. Now there is nothing wrong with financing the pond, but way yuh priority dey man. Yuh think that could ever happen In Another Country?

In another Country Earl “Ole George” Daniel would ah been like ah Say-labour-tea (celebrity) foh his 85 hour Marathon Walk from Shatto to Sugar Town back and forth two or three times all in support of AIDS awareness Calm Pain. And yuh see like how he come-plain fuh sore feet after the walk, In another Country one ah them Pop-yuh-law name brand Shoe Company would ah sponsor Ole George foot to wear they product every time he mek ah step. Trouble with Ole George if he get ah offer like that he go walk pon he hand an all!
And the same thing goes fuh Bishop Rivas when he did his five hour Walk to Argyle fuh ah new St Mary’s Primary School; if that was In Another Country, the amount ah donations that would ah come, that school would ah be-in finished; and the new track shoes that surrendered under Bishop’s 400 + pound-in would ah bin sold fuh thousands at an Auction Sale!
Man ah want to bet that if was In Another Country we would ah get picked as ah site fuh World Cup Cricket 2007, yuh know why? We would ah done get ah bigger Airport, ET Joshua would ah been some where else, Arnos Vale would ah been converted into ah First Class Multi-purpose Sporting Complex. As recent as when John Horne was Minister he had contacts with a Consortium to build ah Airport at Kitchen, but bad Paul-ha-ticks, the only Airport that was necessary then, was the Bequia Airport. And as far back as when Sil-O was in Politicks, he had contacts with the French to Build ah Airport, bad Paul-ha-ticks, that too was blocked.

After the CDC did such ah One-day-full job with the Carnival, the competitions went so good, everybody accepted the Judge-mint them, what is this ah hearing bout the Pan-ah-ram-yah, Sion Hill who was 2nd is now 1st and not Starlift who is now 2nd and Rhythmix moves up from last to 3rd. This sound like the rankings they applying to Sports now-ah-days after ah Tournament. Ah never hear that in ah Pan-ah-ram-yah yet, but as ah say is only SVG that could happen, ‘cause ah never hear anything jack-yuh-law like that ever happen In Another Country!

And ah continue to hear all sort ah stories bout the Marketing Corporation. The same Supermarket that de Come-Red did say was going to put Greaves, Bonadie and Veira in they place. Yuh would never hear ah Prime Minister say that In Another Country.
The last ah hear bout the Supermarket was it was in four million dollars death and guv-ah-mint offered it to Randy only as ah sham, he couldn’t tek them on so they going foh ah Bo-bathe-us company. Lie-Za was complaining that they even playing politics with the local foods they selling, how she went looking fuh Yams, they have no Bush Yams, no Moon Shine like Arm-in ‘s head but all the shelves pack up with Portuguese Yams, Julian and de Come-red. Anyhow when ah go ah asking fuh ah Yam that fits my mix, Mulatto Yam that is White Yam with Brown skin. Ah don’t think ah will ever find that, not even In Another Country.
And just like that, is gone ah gone.

One Love Bassy!