Bassy - Love Vine
June 25, 2004
Is this devil-Up-Mint

Questions are being asked about the real reason why this big ship the Free Wind docks along-side the Cruise Ship Birth week go, week come; and all that is said is that it is ah training ship, and they doing Scientology and they don’t get in any body way! Now Scientology is ah religion so is Christianity. {{more}} Fun-dah-men-tell-he it is ah man’s Right to chose his Religion. But this Scientology is contrary to what we as ah Christianity Society believe and practise. There is ah great deal of info on the Internet about Scientology, very frightening stuff, immorality, Cult stuff. Now the truth is that within our Christian Society immorality is ranking high all over, including the Church. We deliberately disregard the instructions Christ gave to the extent that ah believe that by our practices, some of us are more Scientologist that Christian. But Christian as ah Religion does not condone such practices because there is ah penalty, ah serious one too. Nothing gets the Almighty wrathed like disobeying his command. And that is why we will have to call on Guiv-ah-mint to get to the belly ah this one and Free Us from ah Free Wind.
Lie-Za is looking fuh members to form another NGO like the Friends of the Two Bigger Keys. She calling hers the Friends of the Cruise Ship Birth. She is convinced that this Sigh-an-tell-orgy Story they pushing is ah Devil-up-mint that we cannot afford to Sit-an Worship with them.

Ah think ah put me foot in me mouth last week when ah write say de Come-red didn’t visit me when he passed thru East Kingstown. Ah believe that the lickle picong ah write say that Arm-in passed by instead, and ate all de Come-red Salt-Fish got to him. So bright and early Sat-dey morning he left ah message on the phone to tell me he and Julian passing thru again at 6:00 -6:30 p.m. and have his Salt-Fish ready. Well Sparrow say when yuh hand in de Lion mouth some how or the other yuh have to get it out. The first thing ah did was to call him back and leave ah message on his answering service: “Come-red, try again ‘to come’ but don’t forget to Wash yuh foot and Come!” De cooking part was no problem, cause my Granny was one ah the bad-est cook coming out ah Jah-mek-her, she lived in Panama, Guyana, T ‘n’T, Bim, Honduras where my dad was born, all over, she knew all kind ah thing to mek food taste sweet, and when she was die-in she “Will de Skill” to me. All ah Granny menu was simple: “ Something salt something sweet; something dear something cheap; and something strong something weak”!
Ah head fuh the market earlier than usual, luckily ah met Glen and he alerted me that was ah big side passing by; so ah shop to suite. Ah mek ah mistake and told the kids too early that the PM might be passing by, they looked out whole day fuh de Come-red; after ah while, they started to fool me too, every vehicle that drove pass they shouted : “Daddy the Prime Minister reach”! But at 6:30 p.m.on the dot ah hear the sound ah the Police motor bikes coming up the village, followed by the usual ULP calm-pain crowd. Before ah could reach down with the basin ah water to mek de Come-red Wash He Foot, he done run up the side steps; and like he know the place, he head straight fuh the kitchen, grab ah plate, put aside ah few slices ah hot roast breadfruit and bout ah dozen ah them small Jacks, fry dry. Then he call out to me: “ way yuh got to drink”? this time ah had ah gallon bottle full ah Miss Ferdie’s fizziest Mob-he freezing in the ice-box; he took one sip and call to the others: “ Fellars, is the best Mob-he ah had fuh ah long time, one ah yuh phone Julian and Glen tell them bring the others and come quick, Bassy got food here to feed ah whole tribe”. Thru out the evening, yuh know de Come-red ain’t move from round them small fish till they done; at one stage the wife was trying to give him ah fork; ah got ah lickle worried when he told her: “Nah ah prefer to use me “finger”.
Ah even try to coax him to try the Souse Banana and Bakes, nothing doing, “ pass the small jacks” he said. But ah wanted him to try every thing so ah said: “ ah got yuh fear-fuh-hit here yuh know, Salt-Fish”! He shook his head and said: “ Ah know, left that fuh Julian, he is the Salt-Fish man”. And was not until the side with Joe-Lee-Ann-Fran-Cess came that Salt-Fish start to get eat-up. From the time Julie-Ann put his mouth pon the first piece, he said: “ Good Salt Fish Bassy, yuh put coconut oil in it”!
The time was short and sweet, food as well as jokes. It was the Salt-Fish man birthday and the Party Youth Arm had a surprised “Do” fuh him some where else. Just before de Come-red left, the wife and the daughter got into the act; she pulled out ah piece ah white chalk and said to him: “Well Come-red, since no Wash yuh Foot, then ah will have to “Chalk yuh Foot!” As he headed down the steps, he looked back and said to me: “ Ah know yuh got plenty to write bout in yuh column next week, but ley we stick to the ole tradition: “when I come here, what I say here or what I do here, especially what yuh see I eat and drink here, let it stop right here! by the way, yuh have any more ah that Salt-Fish left”? Ah said to him: “Ah think yuh ate the last drop”! Big smile on his face, like that made his day “Good”! he exclaimed: “ If yuh want something to write now, just say, de Come-red ‘did come’ and he eat back all ah Arm-In Salt-Fish”!
And with that, is gone ah gone again!
One Love Bassy.