Bassy - Love Vine
May 14, 2004

Any time school children selling ah story, if even yuh can’t afford the whole package, give them ah sale and buy even one page self.
My lickle girl came home all terrified; her friends in school say Jab-less raging in the country. At first ah thought she had Social Studies fuh home wuk and she was talking bout ah Job-less situation; but then that should not terrify her. Then it sounded like she was talking Rasta as in Jah Bless, nothing to do with Rasta she said. So ah got down to the meat only to find out that she was talking bout is Djables what we know as Jabless. In my days as ah youth when yuh had no electricity, and the nights were as dark as pitch and fear stalked the land, we uses to hear real live stories bout, Jumbie, Jack-o-lantern, Heg/Hag, Rounce and Jabless. {{more}}
Jumbie is another word fuh spirit, yuh have good and bad Jumbie. If yuh want to keep out ah bad Jumbie, yuh got to put 99 Jumbi-beads in ah envelope and write “100 beads” on the envelope, mek sure and write it backwards, and the Jumbie will spend all night counting them 99 beads over and over, looking fuh the missing one. Ah would love to keep them Pull-it-tek-all Jumbies quiet, but ah can’t do so with Jumbie-beads, ah will have to put like 999 dollar coins in ah bag and write 1000 on the bag and left them ley they count till elections!
Jack-O-Lantern is ah light, ah ball ah fire that appears from no where, pretends it showing yuh the way to walk and will lead yuh over ah cliff! Beware ah all ah them Jack-O-Lantern that come here as in-fest-us say they have light to shine to bright up the way forward fuh the country.
Hag or Heg got different forms. Ah person who nags yuh and sits on yuh case permanently is ah ole Hag. But the real Heg is the Sou-Cou-Yah that sucks human blood at nights, next morning yuh wake up with ah set ah black spots on yuh skin. To keep them off, yuh got to rub yuh skin every night with fine salt before yuh go to bed! De Come-red vex with everybody because we tek fine salt and rub the Two-big-ah-keys all over, so no Sou-Cou-Yah will get ah chance to suck we blood!
Rounce as far as ah know is ah demon that does ride animals, especially pigs.
But Jabless is the topic ah the day. Ah Jabless appears in front yuh in the form of ah pretty lady, then it will get yuh to follow her, and finally she will lead yuh away; is only when yuh find yuh-self lost in the bush and yuh pretty lady turn into ah ole creature with ah hoof or cloven feet like goat or cattle, then yuh know yuh have been trapped in the devil’s arms. Lie-Za swear she would love to be ah Jabless, right now she know two fellars in Guv-ah-mint she could lead ah stray with lickle or no effort.
But our latest Jabless is quite different, she is ah Soca Jabless, she come to play Car-nah-fall, and she want to be on stage fuh the Soca Monarch. She wearing she long skirt way nobody could see she cattle hoof them, and she kicking any body that try to peep the Cloven feet!


Blazer Williams used ah unique style last week to bring out his message. He was both good as well as ah bit frightening. Some men no longer have Dreams but Blazer could still dream and then dream that he dreaming, that is interesting. When my mind is at rest my “Side-kick Powers” does function ah does dream deeper depths than Blazer: “ah does dream ah dreaming, and everything ah dreaming, does looked familiar like ah had in ah previous dream”. Put it this way “ Ah does dream, that ah dreaming ah dream that ah dream already”. Only last week ah went in ah deeper sleep than Nebuchadnezzar to find me-self in ah ole Beauty Parlor with ah strange line ah cosmetics products on display: “skin teeth pierce, Here Cream-off and Foot Wash Oil etc.”
Ah was told at the door that the products were manufactured fuh those people who want to conceal as well as enhance their pull-it-tek-all identity. Whether ah wanted to or not, ah just couldn’t get inside fuh the long line waiting to get they share.
The dream ah can’t explain is the one when ah saw Pappy Josh in ah tailor shop taking measurements fuh ah decent suit ah clothes, but the man helping was an imposter decked with measuring tape and scissors purporting to be ah tailor. Intelligent people there looking on in sigh-lence and disbelief as this con-artist stripping Pappy Josh like the “Emperor in his birth suit.”


Ah thought ah was dreaming when ah saw de Come-red riding around the village on ah bicycle up in the country on his meet the people tour. He look like ah man trying to regain his balance. That meet the people tour de Come-red doing is the lit-must test. He thinking of early elections next year. But running next time will literally keep some candidates running 24-7; Lie-za say that the Tie-One-Knees Ambassador couldn’t find ah more useful gift fuh de Come-red than the motor bikes. She say she can’t wait to see de Come-red on ah motor bike, that could be ah difficult balancing Act!
And with that ah catching my dream boat and ah gone again.
One Love Bassy!