Ask the Doctor
January 28, 2014
Does it make sense to have Chemotherapy as a precaution

Dear Doc,

I read an article where a world leader stated that he was receiving Chemotherapy just in case he had cancer. Is that possible? Does it make sense?{{more}}

Anything is possible and with influence and money persons can get most anything done. The truth is that it does not make sense to offer chemotherapy to someone who has not been diagnosed with cancer. Even if there is suspicion of cancer it does not help to simply start treatment of any kind.

Like all medical management it must first be reached at a diagnosis before appropriate treatment is initiated. Specific diseases require specific treatment in the same way specific cancers require the appropriate mode of treatment. In preparation for cancer treatment it is necessary to know what is the appropriate drug to use as all cancers don’t respond to the same treatment; this is referred to as looking for ‘cancer markers’.

It is irresponsible for influential persons to make statements on a public platform which have no scientific reasoning or clinical data to support. The listening public can be made to believe that such a practice is acceptable and thus make unwarranted demands on the medical system. More persons are diagnosed with non-cancerous tumours than cancers and if these people demand chemotherapy by virtue of the prevention, it will cause unnecessary demands on the medical system.

Chemotherapy is and should only be administered when there is a confirmation of a cancer and that the appropriate marker has been identified so that the treatment used is most effective. Money and influence must never change established and proper medical practices.

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