Ask the Doctor
June 11, 2013

Can fibroids become a cancer?

Dear Doc,

I have been diagnosed with fibroids that were only found when an ultrasound was done. I am age 50 and would like to know what I should do. Can fibroids become a cancer?{{more}}


Dear Donna,

Women can develop fibroids in the uterus which can remain unnoticed until an ultrasound or other imaging is done or they can grow very large, mimicking a pregnant abdomen. They are a kind of muscle that is not like the regular uterus and therefore cannot perform the same function as the normal uterus.

The female hormones promote the growth of the fibroids and therefore during the reproductive years of the female, that is before menopause, the fibroids can continue to grow. When menopause nears and reaches the hormones stop and therefore the growth of the fibroids stop. There can be some pain associated with the degeneration of the fibroids.

The answer to your question is that your fibroids are most likely small, as they were only noted by ultrasound and possibly your hormone production will be dropping, ensuring they do not have further growth.

The general rule is that fibroids do not develop into cancers.


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