Ask the Doctor
December 11, 2012

Is it normal for my right breast to be larger than the left?

Dear Doc,

My right breast is larger than the left. Is that normal?


Dear Roxanne,

During development, the right breast is usually larger than the left, even though they look identical. This size difference continues throughout life. The development of the breasts are controlled by hormones and thus, as both breasts are exposed to the action of the hormones, there will be similar rate of development.{{more}} If there is a developmental problem of a specific breast that causes significant increase in growth in one breast over the other, it will not be considered normal.

Abnormal development of breasts does not mean that there is a cancer in the larger breasts. What is necessary is that the findings are investigated by your doctor to make a definitive diagnosis. During the teenage years of early growth and development of the breasts the most significant disparity in the sizes of the breasts will be noted. It is important to be aware of this, but no medical or surgical intervention is generally required.

Males who have been diagnosed with gynaecomastia can benefit from surgery to reduce the size of the breast or make changes to medications or life-style changes, like quitting smoking, that will result in return to the normal nature of the male breasts.


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