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December 4, 2012

Is bleeding from the nipples normal?

Tue, Dec 4, 2012

Dear Doc,

My left nipple bleeds rather easily. If I squeeze it, bright red blood is seen. When the same is done to the right one there is no bleeding. Is that normal?{{more}}


Dear Cecile,

All bleeding from the nipples must be investigated by your doctor.

During breast examinations gentle squeezing of the nipples is advised to look for bleeding and other discharge. Easy bleeding from one or both breasts MUST be investigated. Bleeding from the nipples is not normal.

Bleeding from the nipples that is not associated with a lump or pain does not mean that the breast is okay. There are cancers that are at advanced stages without an obvious lump or pain. Cancers can begin in the region of the nipples and easy bleeding is one of the important signs that must never be missed. It is important that everyone gets accustomed to self-examination of the breasts to be confident about what is a normal or abnormal finding.

Don’t forget to squeeze those nipples gently and look for any blood or brownish discharge.


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