Ask the Doctor
November 27, 2012

Can men develop breast cancer?

Dear Doc,

Last week we were playing dominos and a partner said that his doctor took out a lump from his breast that is suspicious of breast cancer. We had a good laugh. Can men really develop breast cancer?{{more}}


Dear Roy,

Yes, Men Can!!!!

Out of every 100 diagnoses of breast cancer, approximately one is a male. Males have breasts even though they are not characterized as the females’. We are accustomed to enlarged female breasts with significant fat tissue. Men have the same structure, but the fat content of the breast is very small and concentrated under the nipple area. Breast cancers develop from the same tissues as in women’s breasts.

Men must examine their breasts regularly and bring any noted changes or suspicious findings to their doctor. Due to poor information on the existence of cancers in general and what signs and symptoms that must arouse suspicion, many persons are unaware of the existence of cancer.

A man who has a suspicious mass/lump in his breast is less likely to seek medical attention than a female who has the same. That, we hope, will change and it is the hope of the Cancer Society that both men and women will be properly informed on these issues.


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