Animal Health
July 1, 2005
Prevention and treatment of canine and feline heart worm disease

Dogs and cats are not immune to the development of heart worm disease once they become exposed and thus may develop the disease if proper preventive measures are not put in place.

There is a series of preventative activities that may be taken by you the pet owner to reduce the risk of your lovely pet developing this fatal disease.{{more}}

These preventative measures against heart worm disease are very inexpensive. They include eliminating the breeding areas for mosquitoes since they are the vector of this disease, ensure that your pet receives a six month to a one year preventative treatment (Kepromec, Tri-Heart plus and Heart guard).

Remember that in the previous article I explained the role played by the mosquitoes in the spreading of this disease. So if you are to be successful in eliminating the breeding areas of mosquitoes you must remove all stagnant water found on your property, properly dispose of garbage, clean surrounding bush and drains.

With respect to the preventative treatment you may use Kepromec, Tri-heart or Heart guard once monthly for six to twelve months. These preventative treatments will go a long way in protecting your pet and thus enhance its quality of life.

When a dog or cat has been diagnosed with heart worm disease extra care must be taken when administering treatment since the dead worms in the heart and pulmonary artery may cause blockage and eventually death.

Consult your veterinarian today about the usage of preventative medication against heart worm disease and help protect your pets.

• Next week’s article will deal with MAD COW DISEASE.