Animal Health
April 8, 2005

Canine Kidney Disorder, Signs and Treatment

Kidney complication is a regular occurrence within our canine population here at home and if treatment is not given death may result.

The major functions of the kidneys are the removal of waste material from the blood and help to regulate body fluids. When the kidneys fail, the above mention functions are not realized.{{more}}

During the course of my research on this topic, I found that in the US more than 20 percent of dogs over five years of age shows signs of kidney disorder.

In St. Vincent I have had cases of puppies and dogs under three years with kidney disorder.

Practically speaking the major signs of kidney complication are an increase in the frequency of passing urine, dark yellow colour urine, thirst and vomiting. In my practical experiences here at home one of the most typical sign of kidney disorder in dogs is a reaction to pain when being touch in the area just behind the last rib cage. This is due to the level of kidney disorder.

In treating our canine friends that suffered kidney disorder, specialize anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory are administered. Attention should be given to the animal diet. High protein diet should be avoided along with food rich in salt. Feed with a high water content should be used within the first three weeks after treatment.