Animal Health
March 4, 2005
Taking care of a pregnant bitch

Here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines dog breeding has become an indispensable part of the economic life of many.

Pregnancy in a bitch last for 62-65 days, during which time she should receive specialized treatment if healthy and productive puppies are to be obtained. {{more}}

During pregnancy a bitch should be placed on a high protein diet which at the same time gives a considerable amount of carbohydrates.

Pregnancy increases the nutritional demands of a dog (bitch) and it is of vital importance to ensure that such demands are covered. The usage of multi-vitamins supplement helps greatly in the overall development of a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy in dogs may be disrupted if a certain kind of deworming medication is used. All dewormer that contains ivermectin as its active ingredient has proven to provoke abortion within two weeks of usage.

The availability of clean fresh water should be made accessible at all time during the entire course of pregnancy of our canine friends.

Finally, a twenty (20) minute walk daily of your pregnant bitch will go a long way in ensuring healthy pregnancy and healthy puppies.