Animal Health
September 3, 2004
Canine Vaccination and its importance

What are the consequences of soldiers on the battlefield, if their hands are tied without any means of fighting back?
Dogs (puppies and adults) are considered as soldiers on the battlefield, due to their constant interaction with micro-organisms that are capable of inflicting life-threatening diseases.{{more}}
The level of antibodies a puppy possesses depends greatly on the diseases its mother encountered during her life and the vaccination received.
In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the vaccine used in canine veterinary practice is against five diseases: parvo-virus (CPV), distemper (CD), leptospirosis, para-influennza and adenovirus.
A bitch that never received a vaccine nor has been exposed to any of the above mentioned diseases, implies that the puppies are prone to develop any of the above mentioned diseases and may eventually die. However, bitches that have been vaccinated or exposed to those diseases will pass on antibodies to her puppies and so give them a temporary protection.
This temporary protection is short lived and for this reason the vaccination is of vital importance if the puppy is to be protected against those diseases.
The protection through vaccination wanes with time and for this reason the vaccination process should be repeated.
Puppies should receive their first vaccine at six weeks of age and it should be repeated at three to four week intervals until three months of age.
Antibodies development after vaccination takes up to ten days and for this reason it is important to keep
puppies with their mother (bitch) for at least 12 days after vaccination.